Wellness treatments

Unwind and de-stress

spaTreat yourself to a variety of professional spa and massage treatments, as well as yoga and holistic sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own room. These services can be pre-booked, or arranged with one of our staff members during your stay. Contact us for details on services and prices.

Ozonated solar heated pool & spa

Soak away your stress

ozoneWater therapy, which may also be called “aquatic physiotherapy” or, “hydrotherapy”, is a supportive form of therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. Through the course of history, it has evolved from primitive hot-spring baths, hot-cold showers and water stepping, to modern in-home spa and hydro massage therapies. Ozone and hydrotherapies are considered very good for many ailments.

Eco pool

Get a little closer to nature

ecoReawaken your senses in our sparkling Eco Pool. This unique feature recreates the natural filtering process as found in mountain streams, rivers and ponds. You can experience the beauty of this pristine ecosystem through a daily dip, or simply admire the marvels of nature from the side.

Infrared sauna & steam room

Detox body and mind

inrared saunaAlthough a traditional sauna already offers amazing health benefits, the infrared sauna’s heat penetrates deeper and the effects reach deeper as a result. You achieve more benefits in less time; and a person who generally cannot handle the intense heat of a traditional sauna, can comfortably use an infrared sauna.

plaster line The birth of Angala  

cherub_smallAngala refers to the time eons ago when earth was first being formed. It was a period during which the Divine was gathering the energy to create our planet. In the Divine mind, there was the thought of Earth and the protection of the Angels to hold it safe... »

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