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The birth of Angala

Angala refers to the time eons ago when the earth was first being formed. It was a period during which the Divine was gathering the energy to create our planet. In the Divine mind, there was the thought of Earth and the protection of the Angels to hold it safe. At first, it was a naked planet full of love – a precious fragile creation that received all the attention of the Divine and the Angels.

Later, trees were seeded from the mind of the source. Trees are wise, sentient beings, holding the knowledge of their local areas. Every creature that evolved here or arrived here could shape its own destiny, and there was a unique and wondrous concept called free will.

Because time is not linear, Angala is an instant of limitless potential. When you comprehend this concept, you can bring forward a new idea, tune into the energy of Angala, and the entire Universe will support and enfold your projects.

The secret is to spend time in nature, whether it be the ocean, forests and mountains, be still and to feel the high frequency held by the air and make the connection. It’s a high-level truth that thoughts are things, and that where you place your focus and attention on is how your future will unfold. If we could go off planet and see the light of our thoughts, kindnesses and prayers, we would see how this light penetrates the global soul.

 Inspired by “Keys to the Universe”

Angala – an instant of limitless potential

The comforts of a home away from home

Our suites and cottages are spacious, fully-equipped and private. We have paid special attention to decoration and finer details – clean lines and natural colours are paired with authentic touches throughout.

Look out for carefully selected decoration items, sculptures and pieces in our rooms and on our premises, each with a unique origin and story.

All guests are welcomed to a complimentary wine tasting at Vrede en Lust. Apart from gourmet dining, the restaurant also offers in-room dining and light meals on request.

We offer the following accommodation types: