Ozonated Pool & Heated Plunge Pool

Soak away your stress

Water therapy, which may also be called “aquatic physiotherapy” or, “hydrotherapy”, is a supportive form of therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. Through the course of history, it has evolved from primitive hot-spring baths, hot-cold showers and water stepping, to the modern in-home spa and hydro-massage therapies. Ozone and hydrotherapies are considered very good for many ailments.

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Eco Pool

Rediscover an experience in nature with our unique Eco Pool. The water is kept sparkling clean by circulating it through a living ecosystem of water plants. The result is a lush indigenous aquatic garden cradling a clear, natural pool, the water of which is perfectly clean, soft on the skin and infused with healing energy. No Salt, no chemicals, no sterilisation equipment. You can experience the beauty of this pristine ecosystem through a daily dip, or simply lounge the day away poolside admiring an ever-changing aquascape of flowers, dragonflies and birdsong.


  • No Chemicals
  • Less Bacteria due to Plant Nutrient Consumption
  • Healing Energy
  • Immersive Experience

Infrared Sauna & Steam Room

Reinvigorate your body on both skin and cellular level in either our steam room or Infrared Sauna. Some health benefits of our steam room include – improved circulation, reduced blood pressure, clears sinus and lung congestion, opens up and release dirt from skin pores and of course promotes muscle recovery and relaxation.

Our infrared sauna produces the same infrared heat produced by the sun and works on a deeper level in the body. Infrared heat is vital for all living things to achieve optimum health. The radiant heat from your infrared sauna surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues increasing oxygen flow and circulation.


  • Weight Loss & Increased Metabolism
  • Immune System Boost.
  • Detoxification – rids the body of toxic metal build up
  • Reduces Appearance of Cellulite
  • Eases Post Workout Pain and Stiffness
  • Aid Skin Impurities and Cleanliness

Wellness & Treatment Extras

Treat yourself to a variety of professional spa and massage treatments, private yoga session or specialized Shiatsu and Reflexology treatments all in the comfort and privacy of your own room.

As this is a mobile service we only work on pre-bookings.

Please contact us prior to your stay to avoid disappointment.

Cancellation is required with at least 5 hours’ notice.

A 100% cancellation fee is applicable if cancellation is under 5 hours prior to treatment.

Shiatsu massage treatment combines deep-tissue techniques along the Shiatsu (pressure point) pathways on the body to stimulate relaxation and improved blood circulation. This treatment will release muscle tension in the neck, back, and legs, relieving aches, pains and anxiety.

Shiatsu/massage/reflexology session

75 min                                                                                                          R700


1 hour                                                                                                            R600

Reflexology is an ancient foot massage that targets specific points on the feet which connect to corresponding areas in the body. Helpful for general relaxation, improved health, and foot cramps.


1 hour                                                                                                            R600

Shiatsu & Reflexology Combination Therapy is the ultimate relaxation and revitalizing treatment that will leave you feeling like a new person.

Shiatsu or deep-tissue massage

1 hour                                                                                                           R600

Private classes and instructors available during your stay.

Yoga works on achieving a balance or harmony within your body, thereby promoting health. It also aims to calm your mind through a combination of stretching exercises, meditation, and deep breathing. These stretching postures (Asanas) stimulate the nervous system, improve breathing, blood circulation, and flexibility. Yoga helps practitioners cope naturally with stress, anxiety, pain, depression, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

We invite you to experience an hour of mind/body enrichment through yoga. Catering for your individual needs – a class can be an introduction to this discipline or for a seasoned practitioner.  Focus can be of a general nature or specific

60min (2 people)                                                                                           R700

Enjoy a complimentary hand or foot massage with your facial treatment

60 min aromatic facial                                                                R900

80 min advance vitamin or firming facial                                 R1,050

We offer both Swedish and Deep tissue massages

60/90 min massage                                                                            R850/R1050

60/90 min couples massage                                                           R1700/R2000

60 min pregnancy massage                                                                       R 850

60 min lymph drainage                                                                               R 850

A treat for your hands and feet

Luxury spa manicure & pedicure combo                                                 R 900

Luxury spa manicure & mini pedicure                                                      R 800

Luxury spa pedicure & mini manicure                                                      R 800

Platinum package: aromatic facial, luxury manicure & pedicure                   R 1,750

Gold package: full body massage, express facial, luxury mani OR Pedi        R 1,650

Silver package: (Pick 3 of the following 5 treatments)                                   R 1,300

30 min back & neck massage, express facial, mini manicure, mini pedicure, relaxing

coconut scalp massage

30 min massage                                                                                            R 500

30 min coconut scalp massage                                                                  R 500

30 min reflexology                                                                                       R 500

45 min massage                                                                                           R 600

30 min express facial                                                                                 R 500

Luxury spa manicure or pedicure                                                           R 500

Mini manicure or pedicure                                                                      R 400

Mini manicure/pedicure with Gelish application                               R 500

Spa manicure/pedicure with Gelish application                                 R 550

Medi heel treatment (severe dry, cracked heels)                                 R 150

Gel soak off                                                                                   R 150

Lash tint/brow tint                                                                      R 140

Lip / brow / chin wax                                                                  R 120

Underarm wax                                                                              R 200

Standard bikini wax                                                                     R 200

Brazilian / Hollywood wax                                                         R300/R400

Half leg / full leg wax                                                                    R250/R350

Full body exfoliation                                                                               R 400

These services can be pre-booked or arranged with one of our staff members during your stay. Please note that we recommend booking at least 24hours in advance to avoid disappointment and cancellation within 18 hours of treatment or class is a 100% cancellation fee.

Cancellation Policy

As we offer mobile spa services directly to your room, it requires a fair bit of planning and preparation prior to the booking. Therapists hold your preferred date and time and do not double book. For this reason, we respectfully require at least 5 hours notice for any cancellation. A 100% cancellation fee will be charged for any treatments cancelled less than 5 hours prior to the appointment.

Arrival Time

Please be in your room 15 minutes prior to the appointment time as late arrivals will result in a reduction of treatment time.

Minimum Call Out

The minimum call out fee for in-room treatments is R800 per therapist.

Treatment Booking

We would like to accommodate guests with their preferred date and treatment time, but can’t guarantee this if bookings are made on the last minute. We urge our guests to make bookings in advance. We will always try our best to accommodate last minute bookings but please understand this is especially difficult during peak summer months.